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Imagine a day when you try to open your Instagram and you realise that you cannot access it anymore? A situation of complete horror especially when you have put enormous hard work to populate your page with great content and massive followers with constant engagement.

This could bring you down when someone took over your hard work. This situation happened very recently with one of our good clients who became a victim to an “innocent” looking message.

To recap quickly, my client got an SMS from her dear friend who wanted some help. Unknowingly, she clicked on the link on that message and “doom”. The message was an encrypted linked sent by a hacker which then got access to her account. Besides, her friend’s account too got hacked and it was actually the hacker who had sent her the message.

She felt the panic and got in touch with us. We have a great working relationship and we wanted to make sure that she gets her account back.

So we started “mission kick B*tt of the hacker”.

We started off with the “video verification” of my client’s face to be submitted to Instagram to verify her identity. After several unsuccessful attempts, she got her video verified.

Yeah !! We win and she gets back her account. That looks simple, isn’t it?

But.. This is something most hackers are already aware. So after she got back her account only to get hacked again.

The hacker changed all her email, phone and necessary credentials. On top of that, they started posting their stuff on my client’s account so her followers see this as her own post. Those were terrible posts and she started losing followers. He now started harassment. My client was upset. She took all the legal recourse by contacting the authorities, but it was difficult to catch someone when they are in another country.

She was in pain and worried a lot. The victory was short, but the war was long. We requested her to do the video verification again. In the meantime, we analysed strategies and ways to destroy all the back-doors that were allowing the hacker to access.

Once again, she got her video verified and got her account back. This time, we knew he would strike back again. We just focussed on getting her account back completely to her.

Now we changed all the email, phone and all necessary credentials “ASAP” and very very quickly before the hacker gets ahead of us.

After this, we waited, waited for minutes, then hours and felt, he’s gone now. But as a development company, we were vigilant of him and felt he may strike back.

After few hours, our client came back and mentioned that “He’s back”. A moment where we felt its irritating, feeling of being lost and accepting the reality there are many doors still open for him to invade. We felt, like Covid, where we have to live with this situation. But our man Nathan (aka Nitesh, our tech founder)wanted to win badly.

So we spent hours to debug and find out the holes that were allowing him to enter.
We decided to get ready for this part of war with a different strategy. After the video verification, we logged into her account and went ahead to reset the hackers credentials plus close and dismantle all  those doors that we felt were allowing him entry. We destroyed all such access points the we felt he was using.

After waiting for an entire day, our client said that she has the account with her. We both were on our toes and were not taking this silence lightly.

Few hours later, our client told that she has been getting SMSes on her phone where the hacker was trying to login. Now he had no more doors where he can intrude. He was gone. From heart, we said “Yes”, he is now finally locked. He was sending continuous verifications, spam links to my client so he gets back into the account, but the doors are now forever closed(unless my client clicks any link).

She finally got back

Her Instagram

My client was paranoid and we told her he’s gone. After few days, he did not return and my client breathed peace. She was happy and we were happy too. Here is a video of our client sharing her feedback.

If you or any of your people are locked out of their Instagram and need help, we are more than happy to help. Just email us on sales@mightycurvets.com and we shall try best to get your account back.

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