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We had 1 laptop and a

Dining Table to start with

Clients were hard to find. We juggled from multiple portals to planning different strategies, but things did not work initially. We then focused on creating a solid work portfolio and an effective website that gives prospects a better clarity of what we do. After waiting for days and constantly putting hours in profile enhancement, we got an inquiry at midnight our time.

The job was a 10 pound logo, to be done “urgently”. Nathan was excited and stayed up the entire evening to complete that task. He came early morning in the bed and said that the client was happy, but Tanya was not as she felt it was not worth waking up to earn so less. But Nathan realised that it was important to “start”. This was truly how our entrepreneurial journey started.

“It was around 2013 when I decided to take that bold step to move away from a stable job to pursue my entrepreneurial journey. The decision was not instinctive, but practically calculated as I worked for almost 8+ years with different companies and in multiple capacities. So felt I had the right experience as well as exposure with people and technologies. So only after knowing “How things work”, I felt to take things further. The ignition was a poster in one of the companies I worked which had logos of brands that the company collaborated with. I looked at it daily and had the dream of having my own company someday where I can have “my own clients” with a similar poster of different brand logos and working on their projects. After these 8 years, I fulfilled this dream of mine :)”



“I always had the passion to do something that gives me satisfaction as well as proves my potential, but honestly did not get a right opportunity. After my wedding, I became a mum and motherhood took over. It was looking bit difficult, but after our daughter started schooling, I started to take time for myself. That’s when my husband suggested me to join him, which I was initially not sure, as I was never a tech person. I started to gradually learn more about his field, put small efforts and things started looking good and I felt this is something I would love to explore more. After these 8 years, I am happy, content and most importantly, proved my worth for myself. Bottom-line – If you have the potential and if you grab the opportunity, you can certainly do it.”



It had stress, frustrations, anger, happiness, procrastination and what not, but it was an experience worth living. Things eventually became better as we understood that we are moving in the correct direction. We worked in multiple time-zones, talking to prospects, understanding their brief, managing deadlines, preparing right deliverables and so on which was challenging as well as satisfying.

What we have learnt till now?


It’s never going to be easy. Road is full of challenges so love and embrace this phase.

Saying “No”:

It’s difficult most times, but saying a “No” when you are actually not comfortable with something will be a bold choice first time, but it’s certainly a good practice to keep your business and life healthy.

Be yourself:

There is no point being in someone else’s shoe. You have to keep moving with best of what you can do and who you are.

Clear and relevant:

Nathan usually says that either there is a “yes” or a “no” and nothing in between. Being honest and clear is everything.

Diversion free:

Procrastinations are many. They are as harmful as any other addiction. Staying away from them is important.

Love what you do:

You cannot drag on something that you are not loving. So realising what you love and continue doing the same makes sense.

No faking:

We are Indians. Period. We are honest as well as communicate well. We cannot fake our location or dialect just to impress a client. This is actually not correct. We stayed true to who we are and it has actually yielded us more business globally.

Fulfilling dreams require continuous and

Rigorous patience

After these 8 years, we realised our true potential. Most importantly, we full-filled our core dreams. Most importantly, we now have our office to work (and dining table now stays for food). We felt this as the right time to share our entrepreneurial experience. Especially when things have become unpredictable because of Covid and we are adjusting to this new normal.

It has taken 8 years for us to reach our goals. We wish to carry this further and make this journey as fruitful as we can. Thanks for reading. Take care and stay safe!!

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